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You'd imagine a site like Free Book Search Club would get a lot of avid readers visiting and buying books here. And you'd be right.

But you know what? There are a lot of authors who come to sites like this one.

Know what else?

I'd love to help promote your book.

See, the great thing about being alive right now is that doing things that used to take weeks or months, a whole lot of relationship-building, and a lot of elbow grease now takes comparatively less time, you don't need a publisher, and formatting a book for Kindle is super-duper easy.

In short, anybody can be an author.

Of course, that has its perils, too. There is a lot of junk out there.

But you're not like that, right? You offer quality work. What you need is some publicity, some promotion. And I'm here to help.

I would love to help you create your book and sell it.

Below, tell me a little about yourself and your book. Let's see if there's a good fit. Maybe we could work together to make your book a best-seller.

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